Seven Sins gowns

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Jaclyn, a local dress designer, wanted me to take some images of dresses her clients have purchased with the odd choice of theme: "Seven Deadly Sins" (the ladies below are her customers). I agreed - knowing that the final images will be edited by a graphic artist putting the ladies into some exotic settings. I borrowed a friends garage for this shoot - adding a charcoal grey background, as requested by Jaclyn. We set up the lighting in the style that Jaclyn felt appropriate for what she wanted (basically, key light long softbox camera left, 3x4 foot fill camera right, and a kicker camera right behind the model).

The gown material Jaclyn used was a shot silk taffeta with black on one direction of the weave. This damask style of weaving yields different tonalities depending upon the angles of the lighting and can create a difference between the camera recording and the visual impress when you eye looks at the cloth.

1.The light reflection of the taffeta (although not overpowering) can be seen in the upper right of this image:
2.This pair shows how the black thread can overpower the crimson. Some painting on a layer added some strategic colour
3. Depending on the image, both BW or colour seem to work:
4. Depending on the image, both BW or colour seem to work:
5. Jaclyn did everything, costume, hair and makeup. Venessa is actually on her side - thus the neckless which I missed:
6. Chiffon - which does not display the colour effect of the shot silk taffeta:

Steady Hand
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I see your photo post has had 990+ views and NO comments from viewers.

I know that can be disappointing and often discourages people from posting/participating in a forum like this.

So, I will post a comment or two and maybe that will get others to contribute their views too.

As with anything where a subjective view (opinion) is shared, there can be many views of the same issue or subject.

I am posting a comment in your post because NO ONE else took the time to thank you for adding photos for us to view. I believe in "The Golden Rule" (treat others as you would like to be treated). It is "good karma" too.

So... I have a personal suggestion for YOU.

The next time YOU see a photo posted on this forum that has had many views and NO comments yet....take a moment to give THAT poster the courtesy of a comment about what you see in THEIR photo.

I think that would make this a much nicer forum for MORE people and would keep people posting photos here for all to enjoy.


The photos show the gowns shape and materials well.

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Thanks Steady.

Actually, the response (or lack there of) does not bother me in the least. Most of the images I post are divergent from the style that most of the FM folks like - they do not follow prescribed moulds.

I agree that folks should provide commentary, even if negative. Negative response is as valuable as positive.

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I have worked with that fabric, as in sewing it. Glad to see painting on some color made a significant change. Nice processing.