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In early June 2007, I had the unexpected privlidge to visit the western wall in Israel. I was on a cruise & was only here for a brief moment. I was lucky enough to capture this moment.

Just The Wailers...No Bob by TurnerProfit, on Flickr

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I see your photo post has had 500+ views and NO comments from viewers.

I know that can be disappointing and often discourages people from posting/participating in a forum like this.

So, I will post a comment or two and maybe that will get others to contribute their views too.

As with anything where a subjective view (opinion) is shared, there can be many views of the same issue or subject.

I am posting a comment in your post because NO ONE else took the time to thank you for adding photos for us to view. I believe in "The Golden Rule" (treat others as you would like to be treated). It is "good karma" too.

So... I have a personal suggestion for YOU.

The next time YOU see a photo posted on this forum that has had many views and NO comments yet....take a moment to give THAT poster the courtesy of a comment about what you see in THEIR photo.

I think that would make this a much nicer forum for MORE people and would keep people posting photos here for all to enjoy.


I enjoy seeing photos from around the world...so thanks for posting this.

I like it in BW

And...because it is "closeup" it gives me the sense of "being there" just behind the men praying. That is a good impression.