How to Tenderize that Fish (Warning)

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Herb Houghton
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Here's a belted kingfisher from the Liberty Marsh. The marsh is still flooded, so one of the only perches is the measuring stake just off of the platform.


#1 just landed with freshly caught carp

#2 start the tenderizing process

#3 holding up his catch

#4 holding it back up

Herb Houghton
Registered: Feb 15, 2007
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#5 more tenderizing

#6-8 down the hatch

Herb Houghton
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#9 all proud and happy

#10 after dinner burp

#11 see ya

Martin Good
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That's a fantastic action set Herb.
That fish looked fairly tender by the time the KF was finished with it
Detail, action, bg and light are just superb.
And on the technical front now we know its 1/2000 to catch the droplets in flight!

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Awesome...bloody good show Herb!
So, I came back for a 2nd and 3rd look at these. They are really astonishing images. The perched shots are ridiculously spectacular and the in flight shot is an award winner in its own right. Thanks for sharing these!

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WoW! Awesome! Super set Herb. I have to echo Martin ... the detail, the action, the background, the lighting are magnificient.


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Holy S#@t, Herb, what a set! These are amazing, just amazing!

Incredible behavior images, great light, wonderful detail and action. That dude needs to dive in and wash off after that meal

Fantastic work, Herb!


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Outstanding series Herb!
Really fantastic!


Tim Kuhn
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Oh man Herb as good as the light is, the details are, all that but for me the flying blood makes these shots super special Way too cool Fine shooting my friend


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Great action sequence Loved it

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Great set Herb! Totally captured the event. Beautiful work.


Karl Witt
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Life on the 'chopping block' is short lived but a marvelous show!

Smack that's good shootin' Herb

And your finish with an IF is the show topper, fine work!


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Great behavioral set, I've witnessed this before but never shot it.
Nice job


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off the shelf Herb!
fantastic set. I love em all!


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Fantastic series of pics!!!

Ryan Simmons
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The last recipe I had for carp involved a freshly sawn 3/4 inch thick board of yellow pine, various spices, balsamic vinegar and broiling for 10 minutes. Then you threw away the carp and ate the board. Anyway, I would need Hubble to get a shot of a kingfisher. Great series.

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Great shots...I wonder how long it takes for the bird to digest such a huge meal?

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very nice set Herb

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