contax zeiss adjustment

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If I remember correctly, someone posted a link on how to adjust the manual focus ring on contax zeiss lenses but I cant seem to find it. My 50 1.4 infinity mark is pretty off and I like to use to the distance!

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Warning: Do at your own risk.

Check this thread.

For thr 50/1.4 I was successful in adjusting infinity. Just grab the shroud and unscrew
it counterclockwise. [It will take some force to do this.] It should them unscrew into
two pieces, like what is shown in the picture for the 28/2.8 Distagon.

Now, set the shroud aside and loosen the three small screws, like those shown in the
photo. This will allow the focus ring to move without actually moving the elements.
move the ring toward 10m, away from infinity. This gives some rotational slack so that
you can even focus "beyond" infinity. Tighten down the screws and take a bunch
of photos, adjusting the focus until you have found the best infinity point.

Then, loosen the screws again and without moving the elements, rotate the ring
back to infinity (end of rotational travel) and tighten the screws. You now have
perfect infinity focus. Screw the shroud back on.

One more thing, this adjustment will vary depending on adapter thickness. Make sure
you keep the same adapter from then on.

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^^^ He's an ME so I would probably follow him off a cliff, in terms of mechanical adjustments, if he told me it was good for my lens. :-)