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In 2005, in the middle of a long career as a
classical musician, I finally gave in to my
long love story with photography and with
our planet. An ABIPP Associate Landscape
photographer and EP, since then I travel our
wonderful planet to portray it and share its
beauty shooting LANDSCAPES. In this era
of monitors and Internet, few things make
me as happy as seeing my photographs
printed big to add them to my Fine Art
Prints collection. So far, I have been
working mainly in the American South-
West, Scotland, Ireland, UK, Italy, France,
Spain and Turkey. My work has been
exhibited and published internationally, and
is part of various private collections. With 20
years of University teaching on my back, I
believe that teaching Workshops is the best
way to share my passion and my
enthusiasm for photography and for the
Earth with like-minded people.

Vieri Bottazzini, ABIPP EP
Leica S, Leica SL and lenses.