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A Leica Ambassador and Leica Akademie
instructor, I come from a long career as a
classical musician traveling around the world
always with a camera on my side. Professional
photographer since 2005, from 2010 I
combined my passion for photography with my
love for nature and the wilderness by
dedicating myself exclusively to Landscape
photography. With 20 years of teaching on my
back, I firmly believe that Workshops are the
best way to share my enthusiasm for
photography and for the Earth’s beauty with
like-minded people. During these years, I
worked in the American Southwest, Scotland,
Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Spain,
Turkey and, of course, in Italy where I settled
in 2014 after spending 15 years abroad.
Associate of the prestigious British Institute of
Professional Photography (ABIPP) and
European Photographer (EP), my work has
been published and exhibited internationally
and is part of various private collections. When
not around the world photographing, teaching
or lecturing I spend my time printing my work
and writing equipment reviews and articles
about photography

Vieri Bottazzini, Leica Ambassador ABIPP EP
Leica S, Leica SL and lenses.