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Country: Germany

City: NRW


My name is Buddy. I was born in the
Netherlands in 1978 and spent almost 20
years of my life there. For the past 10
years I lived and worked in Germany. The
first 7 of them in Krefeld (NRW) and now
since three years in a smaller town called

I caught the photography bug 20 years
ago when I bought my first SLR (Nikon
FM with a 50mm f2 Ai) and have used
mainly manual focus Nikkor lenses ever

Since two years my wonderful girlfriend
(also MF member) is there for me and
shares a passion for photography with me,
as well as two wonderful dogs.

Cameras: D3 | D70s IR converted |
FM | F | F Photomic | F2 | F2sb | F3 | F3hp

AF Lenses

AF 85 f1,4D
AF 80-200 f2,8D (N)

MF Lenses

16mm f3,5 Fish-eye Nikkor
20mm f3,5 Nikkor - UD Auto
24mm f2,8 Nikkor - N.C Auto
5cm f2 Nikkor-S
50mm f1,4 Nikkor-S Auto
55mm f1.2 Nikkor - S.C Auto
55mm f3.5 Ai micro Nikkor
105mm f2.5 Nikkor - P Auto (Sonnar)
135mm f2,8 Nikkor-Q.C Auto
135mm f3,5 Nikkor - Q.C Auto
200mm f4 Nikkor - Q.C Auto

Misc: | SB600 | SB700 | PK-11, PK-12, PK-
13, PN-11 | TC16A | MB-12