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Hi, I am Kim. I am an amateur photographer with lots to learn and very keen to do so.
I have just made a very simple web-site to show potential clients some examples of my work. Not meant to be fancy, just a starting point. I am Scottish but now based in a beautiful little town in South Wales. I love photographing anything and would like to be a full time children's (informal) portrait photographer as I love capturing their enthusiasm. I also would like to be brave enough to photograph another emotional subject.. weddings. I work as a PT special needs classroom assistant in a primary school at the moment but trained and worked as a research scientist before having my family. Love this site and have learned so much. Nearly ready (brave enough) to post my own......

My name is Kim Craik and I now use my new Canon 5D Mk I (probably one of the last ones for sale in Britain, the length of time it took me to save for it) and my trusty Canon EOS 350D. Gradually building up my equipment and confidence.