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Amateur photographer. Clearly more Nikon manual lenses than photo skills but nevertheless just have too much fun pointing the camera/lens at various subjects. Background in biochemistry, IT and management. 9-5 work (and sometimes more) so photography quality time comes in short bursts on weekends or when I can get some time off.

Photo interests vary, but I struggle at wide angle (composition is tougher). 35 1.4N is currently my wide (sort of) favorite. A few 'normals' but 55 1.2S is normally the favored one. The 105 and 135 is a favored fl for portrait length shots. The 180 AIS is fun but haven't used enough recently. 400 5.6 ED AIS is my alltime favorite walkaround birding lens, having replaced the 70-300VR, which had its convenient pluses but not as sharp. The excellent but heavy and cumbersome 500 F4P is reserved for tripod duty.


Nikon D800

Mostly Nikkor manual primes.

A couple AF zooms.

A couple of Leica R lenses adapted for Nikon F.

Sigma 1.4X, Nikon TC-301, TC-14B

extension tubes-
PK-13 (X2), PN-11, PK-11A

SB600, SB800