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John began his photographic career
in 1987, shooting transparencies
with a Nikon FA as a member of
Wallheath Camera Club, in the
West Midlands.

Despite his early success in
competitive photography John
decided to pursue other interests
and it wasn't until December, 1999,
at the start of the digital revolution,
that John started taking his
photography serious again.

In 2002, after an unsuccessful
search to find a club that embraced
digital photography John decided to
form DAPA Group, a virtual
photography group for the more
experience amateur photographer.
In January, 2008 John was the
leading force behind DAPA Group
joining the Midland Counties
Photographic Federation (MCPF),
as a result DAPA became the first
Internet camera club affiliated to the
Photographic Alliance of Great
Britain (PAGB).

After almost 20 years, John is back
in his comfort zone, entering
exhibitions in both national and
international competitions. He was
awarded his AFIAP in March, 2010
and is also the current holder of 3
British Photographic Crown Awards.
Since 2008 John has accumulated
over 330 acceptances (world wide),
including no fewer that 45 awards.

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