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I purchased my first DSLR, Canon's 20D, on 22nd February, 2005. Although I have had owned close to a dozen of digital cameras before taking the plunge on DSLR, I hate to admit that I have wasted too much money on those "toys" (two of which were the prosumer grade cameras, Olympus' E-10 and Konica Minolta's A2). But, of course, the 20D only came out last November. I have already taken thousands of photos before that.

The 20D is so much more responsive than all the cameras that I have owned that it allows me to take pictures that are just not possible with even prosumer cameras, especially in low light situations. I have taken a lot of amazing pictures with the 20D handheld without using flash at night. The move to DSLR also means I get to learn a lot of new things about photography and post-processing with Photoshop. I am enjoying the learning process very much. The Internet is just so much full of resources on digital photography, I really have a lot of fun learning from it. Of course, the community of FM is fantastic.

I still have a Panasonic FX-7 with me, but I don't use it any more. It is a very good compact camera to carry around, and I am sure its successor FX-9 is even better. But for snapshots, I now use primarily my Sharp SX833. This 3G cameraphone is a real breakthrough in the sense that it can take some really sharp pictures that match those taken with compact digital cameras. But, in order to do that, it does require very ideal shooting environment. But, it's just snapshots, so I am less demanding on the picture quality. I have set up another photo blog at[email protected]/ to host my pictures taken with cameraphones. Please visit it if you are interested to see what I capture during my daily life. If you want to know more about me, you are most welcome to visit my weblog at

Roderick Kar
Hong Kong SAR, China

DSLR experience: Since 22nd Feb., 2005

The following is my list of current DSLR
-Body: Canon 20D
-Lens: Canon EF-S 10-22mm; EF-S
60mm Macro; EF-S 17-85mm; EF
70-300mm DO
-Flash: Canon 580EX

As for snapshots, I use:
-Ricoh GR Digital
-Sharp SX833 3G cameraphone