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I am a Think Tank Photo product specialist
and semi-pro photographer. I've been
participating and lurking here on FM for years.
Many of my posts and replies are non-Think
Tank Photo related. If you have Think Tank
Photo questions or need assistance, please
contact me at
[email protected]

If you buy more than $50 at Think Tank and
use my sales code, we'll throw in a free gift
with free FedEx Ground shipping:

I used to shoot weddings. but now I shoot
mostly portraiture, fashion/editorial, art nudes,
bugs, lawn mowers, food, events and more. :)



Randy Wentzel
Think Tank Photo Product Guru
Pentax 67, Speed Graphic Pacemaker 4x5,
Mamiya 1000S 645, Nikon D7000, tons of
other film cameras I don't shoot much. Strobist
and a natural light lover.