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Peter Burke, Liven in Germany for about the first half of my life where I had my first photo experience in the 1970s with Exacta gear, later switched to Nikon whick I used through the mid 90s, studied photography as undergrad, almost went to grad school for it, but chose "visual anthropology" instead, which indirectly landed me in the IT world where I still work as a streaming media technologist. From 1995 through 2001 I also worked as a photographer following the Champcar/CART series for may publications, as well as a web site we ran ourselves, which is still online at www.speedcenter.com. During that period I mostly used Canon gear, which spoiled me so much, I more or less walked away from photography when everything went digital. I returned when digital finally caught up to film about 5 years ago, and chose Nikon mostly because I still had those old MF lenses from the 80s.

Nikon D600, Nikkors: 24-85mm VR, Nikkor 70-300mm ED VR, 20mm f3.5 AI, 24mm f2.8 AIS, 50mm f1.8 AIS, 55mm f1.2 AI'd, 05mm f2.5 AI'd, 135 f2.8 AI'd, 300mm f4.5 AI ED IF, 600mm f4 AIS. Rokinon 85mm f1.4, Rokinon 14mm f2.8, 16mm Nikkor Fisheye Auto f3.5 AI'd