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Photography was has been in my life for over 20 years when my father, in the early 1980s, showed me how to use the Nikon FM/FM2/FE2 SLR cameras and since then, I have been hooked. Working with those older model SLRs really helped me to appreciate how to use light to capture the image that is desired. In the beginning, even after understanding the concepts of photography, much of it was trial and error. One had to wait in the dark room and inhale chemicals for hours or send the film out and wait till film was developed before you can truly see the results.

Since then I have worked with mostly Nikon SLRs, but have also utilized multiple cameras from makers such as Leica, Canon, Minolta, Sony, Yashica, Pentax and even large/medium formats like Mamiya and Hasselblad.

Recently with the advancement of digital SLRs, I have begun to re-embrace photography over the last 10 years.

Currently, freelancing as a photographer in my area of interest of cityscape, panorama photography.

Leung Photography, New York City
Nikon D3s . D7000 . D80 . FM2