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I'm 63 married with grown up children.In my early years I worked as a semi pro using various Nikons (mainly F1) and my beloved Rollieflex.In later years my passion for photography returned with improvements in digital cameras.My main interest is landscape and fine art photography.Prefer to work slowly and methodically with a tripod , cable release,manual exposure and focus and in black and white or partial black and white.

Peter Robert Lee
Sigma DP2 and DP3 Merrill Cameras.Hoodman loupe (great when shooting in bright light) and vanguard tripod.I like to keep my gear simple and light.When I need to zoom in I use my feet just like photographers used to do.
In Nov 2014 I aquired a mint Fuji GA 645 film camera which I intend using for most of my black and white images- analoque film brings something very special to the table