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Pickup photography at the age of 6
while watching my dad develop his
prints in his darkroom.
Learn electronics, s/w programing
and optical design in college and
Worked on communication equipments, optical radars, lasers and consumer electronics
including digital sensors and cameras.
And still trying to gain more
knowledge while surfing forums like
this one.

Hans Ko
Ever use and own the following over the years:
Agfa, BnW, Bronica, Canon, Carl Zeiss, Contax, Copal, Diana, Exetar, Fujifilm, Hama, Hasselblad, Hoya, Kodak, Leica, LowePro, Mamiya, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Ricoh, Rollei, Schnieder, Seiko, Sigma, Slik, Sony, Tamrac, Tamron, Topcon, Vivitar, Weston, Yashica, and Zenith