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Hi, Georg from north-eastern Germany
Photography is both fun and work for me -
I make a living shooting mostly for small
and regional newspapers. As a pro I
have the highest respect for amateur-
photographers who dedicate a lot of time,
passion and money to this wonderful
I'm a bit over 40 years old, like to be at
and on the water (the Baltic Sea is very
close to my home) and started into
photography at my 10th birthday with an
old twin lens reflex for 120-film as gift. I
still like TLR's and other film-based
cameras, but tend to use Nikon DSLR's
for over 95 percent of my photography.
Favorite subjects include often overlooked
details, signs from the past and other not
necessarily beautiful stuff. I like to play
with the viewers perception, hence my
faible for tilted shots or shallow-DoF-
images. Nikon's older MF-lenses seem to
have more character than today's optics
and that's the reason why I like this glass
so much. Burdened or blessed with a
taste for rather strange subjects I don't
really like overly glossy and perfect
A dream that hopefully turns into reality
sometimes is to set up a nice real wet
darkroom for B&W-work. This is a reason
for keeping my collection of film-based
cameras from 18x24mm up to 4x5inches.

Georg, with one leg in the Baltic Sea

Nikons from FM to D3s
several rather classic film-cameras

favorite modern lenses:
Nikon PC 85/2.8D
AF-S 14-24/2.8
AF-S 200/2 VR I
favorite classic lenses:
Ai 55/1.2
Ai 24/2
Summicron R 2/90 ( in R- and Nikon F-
Summicron-R 35/2 (in R-mount only)
Distagon 50/2.8 for Hassi 2000series