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Registered: Dec 29, 2004

Country: Germany

birth: 13.11.1985 in the middle of the night/morning =)
school: 6-10years, 10-19years (still present ;) )
First Camera: some HP with a 1,3mp sensor.
second and third: Canon Powershot A200 Sony Cyber-Shot P71
fourth: Canon DRebel, 300D
fifth(present): Canon 20D

fav. subject at school: english (with 15 out of 15 points *g*)
most hated: maths (even though i like being tought in it - hate it for the worst marks in my report)

born in bonn (former german captial) now living near Stuttgart (porsche, mercedes ... u know ;) )

300D, 20D, Sigma DC18-125[sold], Canon EF50 1:1,4, Canon EF-S 18-55, Canon 75-300 USM III [sold], Sigma DG 105mm Makro, Canon Speelite 550EX
Doerr Studio-Flash-Set