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Country: United Kingdom

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Photographer throughout teens and adult life, now retired. Photographic interests include most subjects other than posed people. Strong interest in macro, travel and landscape; panoramic, stereo (3D). Used only colour reversal film until March 2011,when bought Olympus E-P2.

Was professional ecotoxicologist/ entomologist.

My other macro images can be found by searching "Harold Gough site: photomacrography.net" (don't use quotes) in Google images

Harold Gough
Olympus OM4 (x2), Canon A1, X-Pan1, Horizon 202. Many Tamron Adaptall--2 lenses, from 17 mm to 300mm f 2.8 and 400mm f4, specialist OM macro lenses and T-Series flash. Olympus EM-1 and E-P2, lenses include Lumix 7-14 & 14-45mm. Also use film MF lenses, mainly Vivitar Series 1 (Kiron) 105mm macro, Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit 60mm f2.8 macro.
Special non-OM macro lenses: Nikon Printing-Nikkor 2.8 105mm & 150mm
Zeiss Mikrotar 20mm f3.2, Leitz Wetzlar Photar 25mm f2.5 and 50mm f2.8, Leitz Wetzlar Summar 80mm f4.5; Schneider Repro-Claron 55mm f8 ; JML 20x objective, JML 21mm f3.5, Olympus 40mm f3.4, Schneider Kreuznach-S Componon-S 50mm f2.8 and Schneider 150mm f5.6, Schneider Kreuznach 40mm f2.8 Apo Componon HM (f2.8-f16 version) also 90mm HM f4.5, Printing Nikkor 105mm f2.8 1:1, Raynox MSN-202, Marumi Achromat 5.
Current setups: