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Canon 1Ds Mark II, 17-40mm f4, 24mm f2.8 AF, 50mm 1.8 AF, 85mm 1.8 AF, 550 EX

I'm selling all of my Nikon + Rollei Equipment. Please contact me for more details: 07779 101241 ~ [email protected]

Nikon SuperCoolScan 9000 ED

D1x, D70, 12-24mm f4 DX,
AF 24mm 2.8D,
AF 35-70mm f2.8, AF 50mm f1.8, 70
-200 2.8 VR, 2 x SB-800s, SB-600,
Sunagor Semi Fisheye,

Rollei SL66, Distagon
30mm, Carl Zeiss 50mm, Carl Zeiss 80mm Carl Zeiss 150mm, Assorted Lighting
stands,tripods and way too many bags :0)