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Country: United Kingdom

I started photography over 10 years ago....and remain an amateur with no professional tendencies.
I started with a EOS 300v and various other non-L series starter lenses.
Moving on to a EOS 3, then a D30 (just after the 10D came out)...then bought a 300D when my D30 became unreliable.

I mainly photograph animals..but like landscape photography too....I corrently don't take any portrait photos except family photos.
I have been away from photography for a few years, and I am hoping to pick it up more soon.

Lenses are for life, unlike Bodies

Current Canon Bodies : 30D
Canon L Series : 17-40 f4L 70-200 f4L 300 f4L IS 1.4x MkI
Other Canon Lenses : 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS 50 f1.8 MkII

Other Canon Bits : TC-80N3 420Ex S9000 Canon IS80
Other Bits : Sekonic L-358 Cokin & Hoya Filters Manfrotto 190Pro + 222 Grip Action Ball Head