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Registered: Feb 28, 2005

Country: Italy

Born in Sicily under the sign of the
scorpion in 1961, Degree in Advertise
graphic and photo in Florence in 1982,
Advertise photographer from 1984, live in
Sicily, work in all Italy, Still-life, Food,
Industrial, from 2000 work only in Digital

Carlo Giunta - Studio: 200 mq., Limbo 32
mq., 15000 Watts continous light,
FLASH: 1 Bowens Quadmatic 3K
asymmetric, 1 Bowens Quadmatic 1250,
1 Bowens Quadmatic 1250 asymmetric,
two 3K heads, five 1,5K, three Bowens
prolite 100, two wafer 75, two wafer 100,
one wafer 200, one wafer strip 140, one
softbox 50X50 and one 100X100, a lot of
snoot, honeycomb ad other accessories,
WindowLight 200 with two aladino flash
heads; COMPUTER: Macintosh G4 DP
1,25, Powerbook Titanium 667; Cameras:
two Kodak slrn, Nikon AFS 17-35 f:2,8,
Nikon AF 24-85 f:2,8-4, Nikon Micro AF
60 f:2,8, Nikon AFS-VR 70-200 f:2,8;
Sigma AF apo 300 f:2,8, Mamiya 7 with
65mm. and 150 mm.; Toyo 45 GII With
accessories Sinar vario rollfilm, schneider
65 mm.Superangulon, 90
mm.Superangulon, 150 mm.SymmarS,
240 mm.SymmarS.