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Country: United States

City: San Francisco

I was originally built in the USSR. The country does not exist anymore but now you know the origins of the funny accent. I imported myself into the USA at the age of 26 and upon arrival, immediately began exploring the new surroundings, which led to a good many cross-country trips and to a number of memorable experiences.

Today, I live and work in the colorful and eclectic city of San Francisco and specialize in commercial, product and advertising photography for the corporate and private clients in the Northern California and nationwide. My images can be found in the regional and national publications, on the sites of the leading television networks and in the editorial distribution worldwide. As a photographer, I embrace the philosophy that every object, correctly seen, is beautiful and my job is to show that beauty to the world.

Being a curious and persistent person, I am always inspired by the progress, by the new ideas, new tools, new styles. I firmly believe that nothing less than perfect will do. I always strive to produce that "wow!" image and if I don't have the right tools or the right lights for the particular situation, I will make them myself. I make things happen.

Alex Stepanov, Photographer

Canon 5D MkII
Canon 50mm Macro
Strobes, stands, clamps...