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Registered: Nov 29, 2011

Country: Brazil

City: Sao Paulo


Professional ornithologist and amateur
wildlife photographer, also interested in
landscapes and macrophotography.


Nikon D610, D600(to be IR modified), D7100

Nikkor non-AI:
16mm f/3.5 F ai'd
U.D 20mm f/3.5 F ai'd & CPU'd
N.C 28mm f/2 C ai'd & CPU'd
N.C 35mm f/1.4 C ai'd
O.C 35mm f/2 C ai'd & CPU'd
H.C 50mm f/2 C ai'd & CPU'd
S.C 50mm f/1.4 C ai'd
Micro 55mm f/3.5 F ai'd
85mm f/1.8 K ai'd & CPU'd
P 105mm f/2.5 F ai'd (Sonnar) & CPU'd
P.C 105mm f/2.5 C ai'd (Gauss)
Q.C 135mm f/3.5 C ai'd & CPU'd
Q.C 200mm f/4 C ai'd & CPU'd
400mm f/5.6 K ED ai'd

Nikkor AI:
50mm f/1.8 (straight nose)
55mm f/3.5 Micro CPU'd
85mm f/2
105mm f/2.5 (Gauss)
400mm f/5.6 EDIF CPU'd
28-45mm f/4.5
80-200mm f/4.5 N (rectangular rear)

Nikkor AI-S:
20mm f/2.8 CPU'd
24mm f/2 CPU'd
50mm f/1.2
55mm f/2.8 Micro
85mm f/1.4
105mm f/4 Micro
105mm f/2.8 Micro CPU'd
135mm f/3.5
135mm f/2
180mm f/2.8 ED
200mm f/4
300mm f/2.8 EDIF New (3m MFD)
300mm f/4.5 EDIF
400mm f/3.5 EDIF
600mm f/5.6 EDIF N
800mm f/5.6 EDIF
25-50mm f/4
28-50mm f/3.5
50-135mm f/3.5
50-300mm f/4.5 ED
80-200mm f/4

Series E AI-S:
75-150mm f/3.5 (chrome ring version)

PC (Perspective Control):
35mm f/2.8 (black knob)

and some garbage AF-S G lenses (argh!)