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Amature photographer at best. Love trying to compose just the right picture. Mainly do nature/wildlife but would like to expand out a bit. I now have a back pack style bag and spend a lot of time hiking and just sitting waiting for the right light, wind to die down, clouds to move, etc. A great way to both relax and get some excersise at the same time!!

I now have a Canon 20D with the "kit" lens (NEVER USE IT). I have the Tamron 17-35, 28-75 (FABULOUS Lens) and the 70-300. I have the 90mm macro as well. At some point I am interested in upgrading to a better large zoom or maybe getting a 400 prime. Time will tell! Have 430EX flash. I am still struggling with just the right editing program however. I would love some advice on what to get. I am looking for simpleand full editing of RAW . I could care less about borders, calanders, putting someone in the middle of the ocean junk. Just touchup. Any help would be greatly appreciated. email to [email protected]