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Registered: Mar 01, 2003

Country: United States

Studio photographer and photo lab owner
since 1975. Co-founder of Kiddie Kandids
a 185 studio chain speciallizing in
childrens portraits, all have been fully
digital since June 2001. Current cameras
are mainly Canon 30d's, and most output
is on Noritsu printers. Sold the company
in 2008, now semi-retired.
Personally I use a Hassleblad with a
PhaseOne P45+ back, a Canon
1DsMark3 and 5DMark2. I also enjoy
printing, using an Epson 11880 and an
Epson 7900.

Wayne Fox
Canon 1DsMK3, 16-35, 28-70, 70-200
f2.8, 70-300 DO, 100 macro, 100-400, 24
and 90 T/S, 400mm DO, 1.4x and 2.0x
Hasselblad H1 with P45 back, 35mm, 50
-110mm, 210mm, 1.7xTC
Bunch of digicams.