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Registered: Jan 02, 2012

Country: United States

City: Yorkville IL

I've been involved with photography since
I was 14 yrs old. I'm 58 now, funny enough I thought
I was 57 until my wife told me last week I wasn't. I
am part of a co-op with other local photographers
sharing studio space and teaching lighting, posing
and portrait classes. I've dabbled in fashion work,
product work, concerts, classic portraits, lifestyle
and environmental portraits and occasionally
engagement photos but I don't do weddings. I'm
starting to work in video and by request, so I am
exploring pure cinema camera equipment.

I love single malt scotch and a good craft
beer - a good cigar makes it all better.


Cameras: D800, D7100, X-Pro1, X100, LX5
Glass: Nikon mount: 18/2.8, 14-24/2.8, 24-70/2.8,
Sigma 35/1.4, 50/1.4, Voigtlander 58/1.4, 70-
200/2.8, 85/1.4D, 85/1.8G, 105/2.8 Micro, Sigma
120-300/2.8 - TC's 1.4x, 1.7x and 2x/Sigma TC's
1.4x and 2x
Fuji Glass: 14/2.8, 18-55/2.8-4, 23/1.4, 35/1.4,
60/2.4 Macro, 55-200/3.5-4.8
Studio: Profoto Acute 600R, 1200 x3 heads and D1
kit and 1 E640 Einstein by PCB
Hot shoe: SB-910, SB-800 (x2) and Phottix Mitros
Pocket Wizard triggers: Plus III and TT1/TT5
Favorite light mods: 7' Umbrellas, Softlighter II,
Chimera softboxes, Deep Octa 39", Buff 51" PLM,
Rime-Lite Grand 79" Softbox, Profoto Softboxes,
Westcott Rapid boxes
Accessories: FoCal Software, Induro and Feisol
Tripods, Sunwayfoto Ballheads, RRS brackets, Kirk
brackets, PowerEx batteries