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Hey, I'm Jeremiah! I was born and raised in sunny southern California.

I love photography, and I can't stop doing it. Even after 10-16 hour photo days, and 10-14 hour Photoshop marathons, it just
never gets boring. Photography constantly inspires me as does the beautiful world God created for us, around us.

I am a portraitist. That is to say, I specialize in portrait photography. Mainly head-shots and environmental portraiture. I'm
starting to get focused in on dance photography. I have some people lined up to get me started, but none of it is posted yet (as
of May 2015). I also do a few things on the side, such as event photography. I used to do landscape and architecture almost
exclusively, but now I'm so loaded up with portrait work, I can never find the time.

I am a self professed Photoshop specialist. I'm absolutely meticulous about getting the best out of my images, both behind the
lens and in front of the computer. I have an excellent working knowledge of Capture One, Lightroom, and Bridge. That said, I'm learning
new stuff all the time. I still feel like I have a long long way to go.

When I'm not doing the whole photo thing, I'm doing various ministry projects for the church I serve in as well as play a bit of
guitar (sometimes the ministry is the guitar!) I have BS degrees in International Business Administration and Marketing
Management (Dual Major) from Cal Poly Pomona, which unfortunately I haven't gotten a job in. Darn that economic slowdown!

My work can be seen on my personal website (jeremiahbostwick.com) but can be found on 500px, Facebook, Google, Instagram,
Behance, Tumblr, and Twitter. Almost all of these are linked from my personal website. All of my work is available for
commercial licensing.

Soli Deo Gloria - Undoubtedly the most important thing.
Hardware: Canon 5D Mark III
eBay = UnknownSouljer ; Heatware = UnknownSouljer