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Registered: Oct 28, 2009

Country: United States

City: SD

Night Photographer, specialize in trains.
a salesrep in the Dakotas/Minnesota and
travel hundreds of miles a day. This gives
lots of opportunity to take photos! I'm
an avid hunter & outdoorsman.

Nikon System:
Nikon D800E, Nikons 20mm f1.8G,
24mm PC-E, 80-
400mm AFS, 85mm f1.8G, Nikon 70-
200mm f2.8 VR1, Nikon 105mm VR Micro,
Sigma ART
35mm, ART 50mm f1.4. Gitzo 1325 CF
& AcraTech Ultimate ballhead, D5100.
SB-900 flash

19th Century lenses in Nikon F:
1851 CC Harrison Petzval, 120mm
1870s Darlot Petzval, 80mm
1890s rectilinear, 100mm
1895 Darlot landscape lens, 50mm
(All mounts made by SK Grimes)

Lighting System:
x5 WL X3200 monolights, x5 Vagabond
battery packs, x8 Nikon SB-28 flash, x10
CyberSync triggers, x2 Pocket Wizard
Plus II, Minolta V flashmeter. (total
8,000ws of power.)

Large Format:
Chamonix 045n 4x5 field camera,
Gundlach Korona 5x7 (1926)
Nikon 90mm f4.5 MC,
Rodenstock 135mm f5.6, Rodenstock
135mm f5.6, Rodenstock
150mm f5.6 MC, Rodenstock
300mm MC.

Historical Gear:
1983 Nikon F3/T
1951 Rolleiflex
1942 Leica IIIc
1937 Voigtlander Bessa
1928 Voigtlander Bergheil
1914 Kodak Special No. 1
1905 Kodak Panoram No. 2
Darlot Petzval, 4 inch c.1870s
Derogy Petzval lens, 6 inch c.1860s
Voigtlander Petzval, 8 inch v.1865
Voigtlander Petzval, 8 inch, v.1847
George Wood double achchromat 330mm
Ross Petzval c.1845
Rodenstock Imagon 250mm
6 in. Heliar, 1922
3 in. Dagor, 1906