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Started with Nikon SLR's in
'77 as a small-town newspaper
reporter, switched to
Canon on my digital
epiphany...I enjoy nature photography,
with a bit of sports action as
long as my daughters are still in school...

Jerry Whitten
1DX, 5D Mk III, T4i,
24-70L II,
70-200 2.8L II,
50 1.2L,
100 2.8L Macro,
200 1.8L,
300 2.8L IS (Mk. 1),
400 f/4 DO,
500 f/4L (Mk 1),
1.4x III, 2x III,
580EX II,
Markins, Gitzo, Gura
and more ThinkTank bags than my
wife has purses...