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Happy chap who takes photos ... and has
done for years ... first camera a Kodak
Brownie ... then a Retina 3c .... on from there ..

Hero from Blackadder - BBC TV series ...

Lord Flasheart: All right men, let's do-oo-oo it!
The first thing to remember is: always treat
your kite like you treat your woman!

Lieutenant George: How, how do you mean,
Sir? Do you mean, do you mean take her
home at weekends to meet your mother?

Lord Flasheart: No, I mean get inside her five
times a day and take her to heaven and back.

Captain Blackadder: I'm beginning to see why
the suffragette movement want the vote.

Lord Flasheart: Hey! Any girl who wants to
chain herself to *my* railings and suffer a jet
movement gets *my* vote!

Steve, ((Lord Flashheart) BBC Black
Nikon D800, D700,
AF lenses
Nikon 80-400mm,
14-24mm 2.8 AF-S,
50mm 1.4 g AF-S,
24-85mm 2.8,
85mm 1.4D,
135mm f2 DC,
70-300mm 4.5 VR AF-S,

SB900 x2, SB700 x 2, SB400,

Sigma 180mm f3.5 macro
Sigma Apo Tele 2x EX DG

MF lenses
500mm f4P Ai-s,
300mm f2.8 Ai-s,
200mm f2 Ai-s,
180mm f2.8 Ai,
135mm Q f3.5 ai'd,
105mm f2.5 Ai,
85mm f1.4 Ai-s,
55mm micro f2.8 Ai-s,
55mm f1.2 Ai,
50mm f1.4 Ai-s,
35mm f2.8 Ai,
28mm f2.8 Ai-s,
24mm NC f2.8 Ai'd,
80-200mm f4 Ai-s,
80-200mm f4.5 Ai'd
100-300mm f5.6 Ai-s,
50-135mm f3.5 Ai-s
25-50mm f4 Ai-s,

TC-301 Ai-s,
TC-200 Ai,
TC-14A Ai-s

PB-6 bellows,
PB-6E bellows extension,
PS-6 Slide copy attachment

PK-13 x 2,

Gitzo tripods 1258 and 1228 and aluminium
Gitzo heads 1376M, 1276M off-centre balls,
1371 three-way
Gitzo monopod
Manfrotto 074 tripod with 168 ball head
Manfroto monopod
Gorrillapod GP8

Lee filter system