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I came into my love affair with digital
images about twelve years ago. My first
camera was a Nikon Coolpix 700. A 2.1
Megapixel fixed lens camera. I loved it so
much that I took it everywhere. The feeling
everyone received from seeing themselves
on the 1" screen was so new and

I distinctly realized I love the feedback I
received from everyone. I really felt like I
might have a knack for this images. I
upgraded once more a year later to a
Coolpix 800. This iteration now came with
a zoom lens, more megapixels and
fractionally larger screen. I continued my
love affair and was gearing up to get the
the Coolpix 990 on a scheduled cruise to
the caribean.

While in St. Thomas I went to Boolchans,
a popular electronics store just off the
cruise ship. I made my way to the counter
and asked for the camera that would be
the conduit to my talent. "I want to
purchase the Coolpix 900" I said
expecting for the room to hush and bare
witness to my transaction with destiny.
No one cared including the sales person.
"Why do you want to get that", he asked.
I told him that my previous cameras have
been Nikon and I wanted to stick with

He talked me out of the CoolPix and inot
the Canon G3. 12 years and several
cameras later, Im still shooting with
Canon, a DSLR that I still carry with me
daily. I find it fitting that my absolute
favorite shot ever taken is a photo taken
with the camera I purchased then-a Canon
G3. I believe the best camera is the one
you have on you.