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From early on in my life have always
had a creative mind. Whether
spending countless hours with Lego
and Mechano as a child to drawing
throughout my school years to
picking up a guitar at age 14 I've
always had some form of creative
At age 14 when I got my first guitar
my drawing took a back seat to
music. In 2006 I released my first
debut guitar related CD titled "Fata

In recent years photography has
become my main outlet for my
creativity. I've also discovered the
joy of photo explorations. Jump in
the car with my camera and drive.
Living on the prairies has me looking
even harder for photo opportunities
then those that live in more
spectacular locations. This has
really helped me push my creative
thought processes. When you your
pallet is limited you are forced to be
more creative. This is not a bad
thing and why I recommend aspiring
photographers to get in their
vehicles and drive. One day, I hope
to live in a more spectacular
location. Until that day, I will make
do with my surroundings.