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Sports photographer 25 years of experience.

Ralph Thompson
Canon 1DX, 1D MK IV, 1DMK III(2); 5D3; gripped 7D Assortment of "L" lenses to include:
17-40 f/4;24-70 f/2.8;70-200 f/2.8is II;100-400is (mk 1 & 2);300f/2.8is;400 f/2.8 (Non IS);600 f/4 (non IS) 100 2.8 macro

Non L: a couple 28-135is; 50 f/1.8; 85mm 1.8 and a Sigma 15mm 2.8

Flashes: Almost 1/2 dozen Vivitar 285's, a couple canon 580's,couple 600ex rt's with two ST-E3's, A couple Lumedyne 800 w/s sets, and an old Norman 200b. To top it off, an assortment of p/w radio triggers.