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My name is Terrell Neasley, a
professional photographer based in Las
Vegas. I call myself a Life-Documentarist.
I love to photograph life in REAL life, and
specialize in Personal Documentaries. My
work is done from an artistic perspective,
meaning you won't see much glamour or
fashion work in my portfolio. I capture the
moment as it happens and bring it to
focus using unique perspectives. Special
projects I look for are to photo-document
pregnancies and birth, travel vacations or
excursions. I have even photographed a
family member's last moments on earth. I
love alternative weddings. You can also
hire me to simply capture a segment of
your every-day life. I simply love to shoot
real moments making something
extraordinary out of the seemingly
mundane. Sometimes these are jovial
moments and sometimes they are not.
Regardless, I am there to capture it and
build it into a memorable presentation.

Terrell Neasley
Primarily Nikon with some Canon