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Country: Netherlands

ex professional photographer (due to
problems with eyesight)

All in a day's work

D70S, D1H, D2X, D3, F800,DF, F2,
F2AS, FE. F100, F90X (2x),

2/28 Ais, 1.4/50 Ais, 1.8/85 H-C,
3.5/43-86 Ais, 4.5/80-200 Ais,
2.8/300 Ais, 8/500 Reflex

1.8/50 AF, 1.4/85 AFD, 3.5-5.6/24-85, 2.0/135mm DC, 2.8/70-200 AFS VR2,
2/200VR, 4.5-5.6/70-300VR, 4/200-400 VR,
TC14EII (2x),

Petzval 2.2/85mm

SB800 (6x) SU800,

PW TT5 (7x), TW AC3

Canon TX, 1.8/85 FL,

lots of Non Nikon stuff (Hasselblad
500CM and lenses, NPC back,
Metz flash. Soligor WA,

Bowens Gemini. Bowens Silver, Hensel Economy 500