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Registered: May 19, 2005

Country: United States

City: Sacramento CA

I am the owner of a photographic
company in Sacramento, CA. -

Specializing in
Architectural , Commercial & Product
imaging Started many years ago in
photography using that "f" word - Film -
from Minox to 11x14 view cameras...
but have used digital since the Canon
D2000 and D1.
A true photographic equipment
enthusiast, photographic consultant and
camera collector. Make my $, spend my $$
and loose my mind with cameras......

"My collecting is not an
addiction but more than a hobby."

Fred Donham - PhotographerLink -
Canon EOS 5D Mark III (x2)
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Canon 85mm F1.2L II
Canon 50mm F1.0 L
Canon 24-105mm F4 L (x2)
Canon 70-200mm F2.8 L IS
Canon 16-35mm F4 L IS
Canon 180mm F3.5 Macro L
Canon 300mm 2.8 L IS
Canon 65mm EF Macro
Canon 24mm TS-E
Canon 90mm TS-E
Canon 15mm F2.8 Fish Eye
Canon 50mm f2.8 Macro
Sigma 50mm F2.8 Macro
Contax 100mm Makro-Planar Bellows Lens
w/ bellows -for EOS
Canon 580EX-II (x2)
Canon 580EX

Cameras from Graflex Master Century No.2
View and

Collector of cameras and lenses too....