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Registered: Dec 22, 2006

Country: United States

City: Naples ME

Photography hobbyist and gadget-
head; used to do 35mm film back in
the college days, but got sucked
into the hobby again when my
daughters started taking Photo in
school. Also an Audiophile, where
sweet vacuum tube gear dominates
my family room!

Let's see - Over the years, I went from a 30D
to a 5Dc to a 5DII, to a D700, to a Nex-5N,
back to a 5Dc, and now a 6D!!

Canon 6D with:
- Planar 50mm / f1.4 MMJ,
- Vario Sonnar 35-70mm / f3.4,
- Sonnar 135mm / f2.8
- Canon 40mm f2.8 pancake
- Canon 70-300mm IS non-L