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Mark Metternich is a professional landscape
photographer who has spent most of his time
living mobile on the road. Mark's great passion
for fine art landscape comes through in his
work and has attracted a wide audience
around the world, has been widely published
and has won various awards. Mark has spent
as much as 300 days a year leading a unique
brand of adventure photo tours across the
western US and abroad. Mark also produces
many post processing training videos, teaches
post processing (via Skype online screen
sharing) is a freelance contributor to a number
of photography publications, does post
processing / print work for a wide variety of
fine art clients as well as does public speaking
/ teaching. Mark has become a legendary
digital imaging specialist and master gallery
print maker who loves teaching as much as he
enjoys producing fine art. Marks fine art,
limited edition landscape gallery prints are
found sold to a wide array of people,
businesses and organizations around the

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