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At 34, I have been a full-time professional landscape photographer for many years now. I am based in Oregon, USA, but spend most of my year out in the field, moving around all over the place and chasing the light. My adventurous style of photography is one best defined by bold, dramatic imagery that stems from my love of unusual weather and getting far off the beaten path. My work has appeared in over a hundred different publications around the globe including National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography, Readers Digest and Sierra Club, among others. I conduct dozens of workshops and tours each year in a variety of places, which I thoroughly enjoy doing. I love showing people the wonders of nature I have found and sharing with them the special relationship photography can have with all around us. My business in photography as well as all my life is designed around the principle and everlasting desire to get 'out there' as much as I possibly can, to the tune of about 300 days per year. You won't find me on Facebook, blogs, Google , Twitter, forums or any other form of social media I haven't heard of yet that will be all the rage tomorrow. I am simply too busy when I have to be near a computer, and I enjoy some peace and quiet away from it all the rest of the time far too much. I'll apologize in advance.