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I purchased my faithful Sony DSC-S85 back in 2001 at a price at what a descent SLR camera costs these days. I use the following accessories B+W UV10 (MRC) F-PRO filter, B+W Circular Polarizer (MRC)filter, Sony VCL-ES06 One Touch Wide Conversion lens, EagleEye OpticZoom lens (5x) and a DAT Super Compact Titanium Teleconverter lens (2x). The latter is either individualy used or in combination with the EagleEye lens. Offers just that extra creativity! I recently started experimenting with reverse lens macro photography and I find that extremely challenging. I use a Pentax 50MM SMC f/1.4 lens for this purpose. Thank you for your interest / comments!

To learn more today, than I did yesterday!

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