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Country: United States

City: Aliso Viejo CA

I've been interested in Photography for 43
years. My first real camera was a Nikon
FTn in 1972. I have been a Nikon guy

Hecky, Two D3's, 35 1.4g, 50 1.4G, 24-
70 2.8, 16-35 VR, 85 1.4g, 105 2.8 VR
Micro, 70-200 VR, TC-14EII, TC-17EII, SB-
910, SB-900, SU-800, Pocketwizard Flex
System, Gitzo 2540L, Gitzo monopod,
Markins 10, Sekonic L-478DR, EL-Syport,
Elinchrom RX-600's RX-300 and D-Lite2's,
Ranger Quadra, A and S heads, 53" Octa,
Deep Octa, 17" BD, Strip Boxes, 17 and
21CM reflectors, BG reflector, misc.
umbrellas, Lastolite Skylite, Mola Demi,
Avenger Rolling, C, Matthews Stands,
Avenger 630B's, and a myriad of grip. Think
Tank Photo and Billingham bags, Pelican
cases, Manfrotto Pro Roller 70 case.