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City: London


Hi! My name is Gary Irwin and I live with my family in London, Ontario, Canada. I'm an Ontario Land Surveyor by profession and work as a Municipal Surveyor for the City of London. I picked up my first DSLR in 2007 which happened to be a Nikon D50 and have essentially stayed with Nikon ever since mostly because of sensor performance. As an amateur nature photographer I mostly 'focus' on birds, but am looking for opportunities to expand my photography hobby into other areas.

Nikon D810
Nikon D500

AF Lenses
14-24mm f2.8 G
20mm f1.8 G
24-120mm 4 G
35mm f1.8 G
50mm f1.8 G
80-400mm f4 G
300mm f4 PF
600mm f4 E

Nikon MF Lenses
24mm f2.8 NC. Ai'd
28mm f3.5 H Ai'd
35mm f2 O Ai'd
50mm f1.4 S Ai'd
55mm f1.2 SC Ai'd
105mm f2.5 PC Ai'd
135mm f3.5 Q Ai'd
200mm f4 QC Ai'd

20mm 2.8 AIS
24mm 2.8 AIS
28mm 2.8 AIS CRC
55mm 1.2 AI
105mm 2.5 AIS
180mm 2.8 AIS

25-50 4 AIS
70-180 4.5-5.6 D macro

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