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I got my first 35mm camera (Petri 7s rangefinder) at age 14 in 1965, I have photographed a little of everything but food since then. I was a crime scene investigator and photographer for 13 years with one of the metropolitan law enforcement agencies in Dallas County. I am the owner of www.RealTimePhotos.com, I specialize in event photography business concentrating the majority of my efforts in dog show photography

Nikon D3 X, Nikon D3's
3 - SB-800s
17-35 Nikon
24-70 Nikon
28-70 Nikon
80-200 Nikon (S)
105 macro Nikon
85 mm 1.4
14mm Nikon
200-400 Nikon (soon) 600mm F4 VR , 6 Visatec Monolights, Plume Wafer Softboxes, Redwing Boom
2 503 Hasselblads
8 Hasselblad lenses