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Dave Jr

Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Canon EOS 7D
Canon Powershot G3
Canon LP-E6 Battery (2)
Canon RS-80N3 Remote Switch

Canon 24/3.5L TS-E II
Canon 35/2.0
Canon 50/1.8 II
Canon 50/1.4
Canon 85/1.8
Canon 100/2.8L IS
Canon 135/2L
Canon 16-35/2.8L II
Canon 24-105/4L IS
Canon 70-200/2.8L IS II
Tamron 1.4x SP Pro TC
Zuiko 28/2.8 MC
Zuiko 50/1.4 MC
Kenko Extension Tube Set
LensAlign Pro

Canon 580EX
Canon 580EX II
Elinchrom D-Lite 2 IT (2)
PCB Einstein E640 (4)
SP Studio Midi Slaves (2)
Helen 03 with Brown Wig (test subject)
Sekonic L-358 Light Meter
X-Rite Original Color Checker Card
X-Rite Passport Color Checker

Canon OCF ETTL Cord
Cheetah QBox 24
Demb Flip It
Flash Zebra Hot Shoe Adapters (2)
Honl Velcro Flash Straps (2) Gels
LumiQuest Promax SoftBox
LumiQuest Pocket Bouncer
Photoflex Q39 Lite Dome XS 12x16
StoFen Omnibounce

Adorama 33" Silver Umbrella Impact 32" Convertible Umbrella White Satin
Impact 45" Convertible Umbrella White (2)
PCB 51" PLM Soft Silver White diffusion
PCB 51" PLM White Black Front Spill Kill
PCB 64" PLM Ext Silver White Diffusion
PCB 64" PLM Soft Silver White diffusion
PCB 86" PLM Soft Silver White diffusion
Photek 46” Softlighter II SL-5000
Elinchrom Portalite 26" Softbox (2)
Kacey 22" Beauty Dish Grid Sock
PCB 10x36" Foldable Strip Box with grid
Pro Studio Solutions EZ-Pro Soft Box 32x48
SP Studio Systems 37" Octa Collapsible
Visico 59" Octabox with grid

PCB Cyber Commander
PCB CyberSync CSXCV Transceivers (4)
PCB CyberSync CST Trigger Transmitter
Skyport ELS Transmitter SPEED (19350)
Skyport ECO Transmitter
Yongnuo RF-602 TX (2), RX (3)

Elinchrom Adaptor Ring by Cheetah
Elinchrom 6-1/3" 95 deg reflector (2)
Elinchrom 7" 60 degree grid reflector (2)
Elinchrom Adapter Rings by SP Studio (3)
Interfit RB4001 7" Barn Doors (2)
Interfit Color Gel Set for Barn Doors (2)
Manfrotto Vivid Colors Filter Pack FP213
PCB 7" 80 degree grid reflector 7AB/R (2)
PCB 8.5" 45 degree grid reflector 8.5HOR (2)
PCB wide angle umb reflector (spill kill) (2)
PCB white shovel background reflector
PCB 7" grids: 10,20,30,40 degree
PCB 8.5" grids: 15,30 degree 8.5HGSET
PCB Adapter ring insert by SP Studio
PCB Adapter ring insert by OecCamera
PCB Adapter ring insert/mount by Kacey
PCB Speed ring mount for PLM (5)
OECCamera 7" grids: 20, 40 deg, 7" Sock
Flashpoint 12” Round-White/Silver
Flashpoint 22” Round 5 in 1 reflector
Promaster 41" Round reflector –White/Zebra

Really Right Stuff B5D2-L L Bracket for 5DII
Really Right Stuff WPF-1 Wedding Pro Flash Bracket
Really Right Stuff B2 AS II Lever Clamp
Markins Q-3 Ballhead fitted w/RRS B2 AS II Lever Clamp
Gitzo Explorer 2220 Tripod
Manfrotto 679B Monopod
Giottos MH1004 Mini Ball Head
Giottos Table Tripod fitted with MH1004 Ball Head Markins release clamp
Lenscoat 3 Axis Bubble Level

Adorama 36” Background Light Stand
Avenger A5029 Baby Roller Double Riser
Avenger C1575B Super Clamp
Avenger D200 Grip Head
Avenger E250 Long 5/8" Double Stud
Avenger E300 5/8" Stud
Avenger E600 5/8" Snap in Pin
Avenger E700 Baby Drop Down Pin
Avenger F830 Swivel Pin
Avenger F830 RH (Ratchet Handle)
Cheetah Chrome Century C-Stand
Cheetah 50" Extension Arm
Cheetah Grip Heads (2)
Delta 12" Clamps (2)
Delta 1 Muslin Clips with Hangers
Impact 13' Multiboom Reflector Holder
Impact 12' Background Support Kit
Impact 9.6' Air Cushioned HD Light Stand
Impact 6' Light Stand
Impact 25mm Casters for Light Stands
Impact Super Clamp with stud (6)
Interfit 124" Telescoping Crossbar COR761C
Flash Zebra Swivel Umbrella Clamp
Lowel Lo-link (2)
Manfrotto Deluxe Autopole 2 Expan 3-Roll Background System (Black) 2961D
Manfrotto Alu-Core 9' 047-2 (2)
Manfrotto Background Paper Counterweight 062-2 (2)
Manfrotto Wall Mount Boom Arm 098B (2) - Superclamped (4) to Autopoles
Manfrotto Variable Friction Magic Arm 244N
Manfrotto Sliding Support Arm 231ARM
Manfrotto Autopole Spirit Level 032SPL
Manfrotto 6" Extension Arm 042
Manfrotto 9' Light Stand 367B (2)
Manfrotto Double Ball Joint 155BKL
Manfrotto U-Hook Crossbar Holder for SC
Matthews 6" Pin with Collar
Matthews Minigrip Head
On-Stage 6 lb Counterweight
PCB Bulldog Clips 2001
PCB Mini Boom Arm MBA
Pedco Ultrapod Clamp
SP Studio 10.5’ Air Cushioned Light Stand
SP Studio Swivel Umbrella Clamp
Stroboframe Shoe Mounts (3)
Wimberly Plamp

Hoya Pro 1 UV(0) 82mm filter (2)
Hoya Pro 1 NDx16 82mm filter
Kenko Pro 1 D MultiCoated 82mm CPL
Hoya Super HMC UV(0) x 6
Step Rings: 52-77, 58-77, 67-77, 77-67, 77-58, 82-77, Macro Rev

Adata 16GB 533x Speedy (2)
Ridata 4GB
Sandisk 4GB Ultra II
Sandisk 2GB Ultra II
Sandish 8GB SDHD
Lexar 1GB 40x, Kingston 1GB 60x
Tronix Explorer Mini
Vagabond Mini Lithium
Sanyo Eneloop 2000 (16)
MAHA MH-C801D Battery Charger

Black Rapid RS-7 Strap, Brad Connector
Camdaptor CDN-A Arca Neoprene Body Plate
Camdaptor Leather Hand Strap
Canon E1 Handstrap (2)
Elinchrom Bullet Case (2)
Elinchrom Light Stand Case (2)
Kata: H-14 Holster
Kata Insert Trolley for UD60
Lowepro OmniPro
Lowepro Stealth 300 AW
Lowepro Field & Stream Belt
Lowepro Lens Cases: #1, #2, #2, #3
Optech Pro Loop Strap
Optech SOS Strap
Optech Tripod Strap
Thinktank Urban Disguise 60
Thinktank Steroid Speed Belt

Copper Hill Sensor Sweep and swabs
Giottos Rocket Blower
Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloths (5)

Photoshop CS5
Breeze DL Pro
Bamboo Touchpad & Pen
X-Rite i1 Display 2 Colorimeter

Elan, G1, Rebel, 10D, 20D, 40D, 1D, 5D, 5DII
18-55, 24-70L, 24-105L, 28/1.8, 28-105, 75-300, 70-200 f/4L, 70-200 F/4 L IS, 70-200 f/2.8 L IS (2x), 45 TS-E, 90 TS-E, 35/2, 50/1.4, 60 macro, 100 macro, Phoenix 100 macro, Lensbaby, Elinchrom BXRi 500 (2), Tronix Explorer Mini