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David Jenkins, photographer and author of the best-selling book Rock City Barns: A Passing Era and the recently published Backroads and Byways of Georgia, has photographed for some of America's leading institutions, non-profit organizations, and corporations in his 40-plus-year career. Photographic assignments have taken him to 29 countries on five continents.
His articles and/or photographs have appeared in such publications as American Heritage, Financial Planning, Georgia, Georgia Backroads, Money, Network Computing, Old Farmerís Almanac, Omni, Outdoors, The Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Magazine, Rangefinder, Reckon, Shutterbug, Sojourns, and many others. He has also written and photographed guidebooks to a number of American cities.
To his book projects, Jenkins brings the story-telling skills of a photojournalist, a strong sense of design, and an unusual feel for beautiful light. He is a visual historian of an earlier America and a recorder of the interface between man and nature; a keeper of vanishing ways of life. His domain is the old, the odd, and the ordinary; the beautiful, the abandoned, and the about to vanish away.
Originally from Indiana, Dave Jenkins has lived in the South since 1955 and in Georgia since 1975. He and his wife Louise, a Nurse Practitioner, have three sons and six grandchildren. They live on a small farm in McLemore's Cove in the Northwest Georgia mountains.

David B. Jenkins

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