Chris Brady


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Country: United States

Nature/landscape freelance for 25 years, now swithched over 100% to shooting for NYC fashion agencies and shooting for publication.

I am nationally and internationally published.

Oh and I really suck at marketing myself! :(

Nikon D200 w/Battery grip
Nikkor 105mm 2.8
Nikkor 50mm 1.4
Nikkor 80-200 2.8D ED AF
Nikkor 18-70 kit lens
Sigma 70-300
Sigma 28-80
Studio lighting:
2 X Norman ML 600 Monolights
1 Alien Bee SB800
Pocket Wizards
Nikon SB 800
Bogden Stands
Manfrotto Tripod w/pistol grip
Photoshop CS2
Nikon Capture / Capture editor
Numerous Fliters, grids, gels, softboxes, reflectors yada yada yada...