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City: SF Bay Area

My name is Curtis Grindahl. I'm
retired from two careers, the
first as a public administrator
working in local government,
and the second as a marriage
and family therapist.

I was born and raised in
Minneapolis but have spent
the last 44 years on the west
coast... two years in Seattle
and the rest in the San
Francisco Bay area. I
volunteer with a non-profit
called the Living/Dying Project
and offer spiritual support to
folks approaching the end of
their lives.

My passion in photography is
for manual focus lenses
produced by Nikon, something
I share with quite a few folks
from around the world who
visit a thread I started called
Manual Focus Nikon Glass
in the Nikon forum.

Come join us!

Nikon D700

Manual focus: 16 f/3.5 K AI,
20 f/3.5 U.D. AI, 20 f/2.8 AI-s,
24 f/2.8 N-C AI, 24 f/2.8 AI-s,
28 f/3.5 H AI,28 f/2.8 AI-s,
28 f/2 AI-s, 35 f/2 O AI,
35 f/1.4 AI-s,50 f/2 H-C AI,
50 f/1.8 AI-s, 50 f/1.4 S-C AI,
50 f/1.2 AI-s,55 f/2.8 AI-s,
55 f/1.2 S-C AI (2), 85 f/2 AI-s,
85 f/1.8 H AI, 85 f/1.4 AI-s,
105 f/2.5 P AI, 105 f/2.5 P-C AI,
105 f/2.5 AI-s, 105 f/1.8 AI-s,
135 f/3.5 Q AI (2)
135 f/2.8 Q-C AI,
135 f/2.8 K AI,
135 f/2.8 AI, 135 f/2 AI-s,
180 f/2.8 AI-s ED,
200 f/4 Q-C AI, 200 f/4 AI-s,
300 f/4.5 H AI,
300 f/4.5 AI-s ED-IF,
400 f/5.6 AI-s ED-IF,
500 f/8 Reflex,
25-50 f/4 AI-s,
50-135 f/3.5 AI-s,
80-200 f/4.5 AI,
100-300 f/5.6 AI-s

Nikon PK-11A, PK-12,
PK-13, PN-11
Vivitar Extension Tube Set

Automatic focus: 50 f/1.8,
85 f/1.4D

Nikon FA film camera

OSX addict

Marin County, California