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A native of Utah his whole life, Adam Barker has grown up in the heart of the beautiful Wasatch Mountain range. Barker picked up his first point and shoot camera at a young age and quickly discovered his passion for photography. This passion, coupled with his love for outdoor pursuits has kept him searching for remote, wild locations where he continues to fine tune his skills and allow others to share in his deep love for the outdoors.

"My photography is about inspiring others to leave their comfort zones and wander deep into nature-to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax in towering aspen groves or rolling mountain meadows. It is about sharing that elusive magical moment of oneness between self and nature."

Specializing in scenic landscapes, Barker strives to communicate his vision through unique lighting, engaging subjects and dynamic composition. His passion for adventure translates into stirring images, be they an epic canyon sunset, or a waist-deep powder turn.

Adam Barker