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Starting out with manual focus Canon
cameras, I began taking more than just
snapshots in 1980 (remember the Canon
AE-1?). In 1994, I switched to a Canon
autofocus system, starting with Elan IIe,
through EOS-1n and ended up with EOS-3
as my last film Canon camera. In the later
part of 2000, with the introduction of EOS-
D30, I started capturing images digitally. I
have been hooked since then and I am
shooting exclusively digitally now. I really
enjoy the instant gratification digital system
offers and I feel that not only we can be
creative in the image capturing aspect but
we can be creative in the processing aspect
as well, which has become more
convenient to do in post processing without
breathing in nasty fumes.

Joshua - Orange/LA County Area, CA

5DMk3: 8-15L FE, 17TS-E, 24L
Mk2, 24TS-E Mk2, 24-70L Mk2, Sigma Art
35mm, 85L Mk2, 100L Macro, 70-200L f/2.8 IS
Mk2, 300 f/2.8 IS Mk2, 400 f/2.8 IS Mk2, 600
f/4.0 IS Mk2

Alternatives lenses: Leica M 21 lux ASPH, 24
lux ASPH, 35mm lux ASPH FLE, 50 Nocti
f/0.95, 50 lux ASPH, ZM 85 Sonnar, 90
cron AA, a few Zeiss ZF.2, ZE, Oly OM Zuiko,
Canon FD, Sony ZA and Nikkor FX lenses

Sony A7r: FE 1,8/55 (mini Otus) and
various adapters enabling usage of
lenses from other platforms