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Still no love for the Ricoh GXR?

Doug; my GXR module will be arriving some time next week. I have it on good authority it will arrive to my dealer before the end of this week. Also, in anticipation of said module - plus the benefit of using it on full frame I picked up the Zeiss ZM 18/4 today.

All I can say is - wow - I honestly did not expect that performance from the 18/4 as web samples I have seen have ranged from mediocre to potentially great. But - wow - it is a hell of a lens on the M9. I happened to find a used Zeiss 18mm finder which will arrive with the GXR A12 mount/Leica M module but for the GXR I will see if I can source up a 28mm finder (Ricoh\'s own presumably). I haven\'t a coded 18mm lens but the images actually look fine straight from the M9 - there must be something wrong with my M9 .

To answer your question the Voigtländer 15 will work fine on the M module, there are web samples from that combo already. It looks good - with no peculiar color drift/edge problems. The two different sources who have tried it haven\'t posted very good images though; one of the sources has underexposed the image but no color shift and no smeared edges at least. The other source has induced vignetting in post pro... ...because it is his style. I\'d rather judge the sensor from unaltered images. But he has one image that looks pretty good. I don\'t know the policy of linking to other web sites but I will PM you the link.

I assume since the Ricoh M module is designed with no AA filter and the M lens stable in mind it will be as good as, or better than the NEX sensors for that matter. With the added benefit of in camera processing (even RAW) for ultrawides. The lack of an AA filter makes me think it will be a very nice outfit, for sure. Sure, it is a few Megapixels behind the NEX but 12MP is sufficient for most applications. I think the lack of an AA filter will make up for some of the resolution difference.

The NEX samples I have seen have been a bit so-so and some of them doesn\'t look all that good with Zeiss/Leica/Voigtländer wides and I\'d rather have a 12MP sensor that works great than an 16MP sensor that doesn\'t.

Last but not least there are rumors that a Leica camera that will take M-lenses will be presented some time in 2012 and that they will introduce smaller lenses as well... ...the system which will be smaller than M9 will have a sensor probably larger than APS-C but smaller than full frame and in the region of 18MP+. It will not be released next year but the concept will be presented as the rumors have it. I am guessing no rangefinder but a new mount based on the M-mount, no AF and no optical finder. But, hey, still rumors, but from fairly good sources.

Sep 15, 2011 at 04:16 PM

  Previous versions of licorisher's message #9921605 « Still no love for the Ricoh GXR? »